Monday, January 25, 2010

How Sad Am I?

I know I know. I make a new blog...make one, single post & then I'm MIA!! But what's a girl to do? My life's not as interesting as I'd like or even as it used to be. I mean, even at college I had a better time than I'm having now. Don't get me wrong...I like the kind of work I'm doing. But since I've been anti-tech & computers since the get go, I can't just suddenly turn around and become one its biggest fans now can I?

So anyway, like I was tweeting about before...I've been given the keys to the Monginis attic & now I'm going to be able to recreate the goodness of a Mongy treat right in my own kitchen. So, here's what I propose....try out one recipe, from the collection I've amassed, every weekend (I work 5 days a week so Saturday night's the best I can do). Is anyone else out there a night owl like I am? Can you also only bake after the sun goes down? I'm usually so grumpy during the day that I think my food senses my bad humour and decides to add to it by just NOT WORKING OUT....even if I've taken the utmost care to produce something that would usually turn out perfect for almost anyone else!!!

P.S. If I am ever fortunate enough to find the person who made that (pic) Slurrpalicious slice of heaven, I'd shake their hand for being such a GENIUS!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


I know most of you will sigh and shake your head when you come across yet another blog about food. But what you need to know is that I'm not as food-obsessed as I look (& trust me, I look like I love to chow). I'm just another bored 20-something year old hoping to find other like-minded (& bored out of their minds) foodies (with rumbling tummies) with whom to share some mutual entertainment & a love of all things edible!!

That said, my blog isn't only about food because I'm just as obsessed with photography & books & music & the like (plz,....I have more layers to me than an onion. Hurray for SHREK!!!). And so, I promise (cross my buns & hope to starve) to try and chuck out as many dull moments as my itty-bitty wittle bwain can manage (Oh God, did that sound like a swearing-in or what?). But I'm hungry NOW and that's all the chit-chat I can do on a empty tum. I'll be seein' ya!!

TOODLE PIP (in the words of the uber-wise Georgia Nicolson).