Friday, March 19, 2010


One line my mother's constantly feeding me is "Grow up!" And it's not because I act particularly juvenile most of the time. In fact, I'm one of the most serious people you'll ever meet. But sometimes, I just like to let go of all that restraint & throw a tantrum, or sing at the top of my voice, or do a little jig in the middle of the road (if I'm feeling unusually happy). I'm sure most of us have those sudden urges but most people just clamp down on theirs.

I was on my way to work today via public transportation. It was a dusty, hot & humid morning (conditions which don't do too much for my already foul mood) & we kept getting stuck in traffic.

Suddenly, from my right, I hear a lot of squealing & giggling so, wondering who in the world could be so cheery on such an awful day, I turn around in my seat & stick my head out of the window (couldn't see much..seriously, blinding white sunlight). It was a group of kindergärtners, being led to the other side of the road by a couple of teachers. They had such joy on their lovely little faces that it even made me grin (which was sort of a bad thing, since I heard my skin crackling & my face muscles spasming on account of disuse). If you can be that happy & so full of enthusiasm, no matter what the circumstances, why wouldn't you want to be? Why grow up at all?!!!
And why can't I be doing what these two old ones are doing? I'm soooo JEALOUS!!!

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