Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Since I'm pretty much lost without organization or giving my mind a specific direction, I can't seem to figure out what to blog about. I mean EVERYTHING interests me & bores me equally (even I can admit there's such a thing as too much chocolate). So, what I've figured out is my posts can be thematic. 

Now, I know that sounds boring or like way too much trouble but, trust me when I say, this was at least my posts will follow one particular angle & won't be all over the place. So, here's my proposed list:-

MAD Mondays - about nutty people & situations throughout history, from all over the world

TERRIFYING Tuesdays - about ghost stories, books & movies in the horror/thriller genre

WICKED Wednesdays - about naughty little movies, books & deeds

THOUGHTFUL Thursdays - about things that made the world sit up & think

FREAKY Fridays - about the abnormal & freakish

SINFUL Saturdays - about the world cuisine & everything about food

SOLITARY Sundays - about things to do on your day off i.e. DIY projects, events, books, movies, anime etc.

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