Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Little Bit of Randomness

I'm sure we've all had days when we spout absolute randomness...this was one of mine.

I saw a feather on the ground. I wanted to pick it up but held back. I love birds, when they’re not smelly and messy, but when they’re big and powerful, and beautiful.  I knew this feather was an Eagle’s. And I simply adore those gorgeous birds. But, for some weird reason, I felt a bit of trepidation... like the bird would swoop down on me, from its lofty perch, and take a finger off for holding something that belonged to it. So, yellow-belly that I am, I didn’t pick it up; I let that chance slip away from me. An unworthy picked it up. Although, I’m probably only being snide; she must be worthy in her own special way. Only, I don’t see how. I'd probably never get an opportunity like that again and, I guess, for some inexplicable reason, I held her accountable for my hesitation.

(image source:

I was thinking about that feather today, feeling a little lost. I space out; I can’t see what’s right in front of me, or feel anything at all of what surrounds me. I can only relive that moment. And I think to myself, ‘How wonderful it would be to be born an Eagle, master of the skies; the wind, my closest and dearest friend!’ And then I come back into myself and can’t help but feel like I’ve lost that moment again. Only this time, it’s so much worse, I feel like crying. (image source:

(image source: parvkaushik)


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