Saturday, November 13, 2010


I believe the best people to learn from are your peers because they're struggling with the same stuff you are &, sometimes, they're the ones who get it right. So, here's a fellow photographer who definitely warrants a mention

And here are some of his photographs that I really liked:-

Don't forget to check out his awesome photostream. I've posted the link above. Just scroll upwards.....Don't be THAT lazy!


My first assignment (that I gave myself...I HAD to finish my first roll of film!) was still life.

About the picture: I love the light during sunrise (when I'm definitely NOT awake) & ...sunset, which in my opinion is the best time for any photographer to go out & shoot. And I'm a huge fan of shadow-play! Hence, the picture.

Here are a few more of my "Experiments":


I've finally figured out what I want to blog about. Since this is what I've currently stumbled upon, & it's taking up most of my thinking space, PHOTOGRAPHY is what I'm focusing on from here on out.

I'm just starting out so I'm about as qualified as the next person. I have studied photography as one of six subjects for a period of six months during graduation &, after that, for during my Post grad as a foundation for my 'Film' subject. I'm currently doing a mini course on it & will share my "experiments" as they happen.